Asian Chopstick Bowls

Asian Chopstick Bowls

Asian Chopstick Bowls


Available in: French Blue/Cobalt, French Blue/Turquoise, Forest Green/Turquoise, Amber Brown/Turquoise, White/White, Vintage blue/White and Yellow/White.

Approximately 6.5 inches  in depth/width and 4.5 inches in height

These bowls are fantastic for rice, noodles, soup or your Cheerios!  They are thrown a bit thicker on the bottom so you don’t scald your hands while eating a hot bowl of delicious goodness.   The buttons on the bowl are cast from my late grandmother’s buttons and are red to not only accent the piece but because my paternal grandmother had a hot and spicy personality.   The design is done free hand and a glossy glaze lay over a matte velvety texture.  All Liz Rodriguez Ceramic ware is microwave and dishwasher safe.


2 thoughts on “Asian Chopstick Bowls

  1. I would like to buy two Asian rice bowls w/ red chopsticks. Forest green with turquoise and $38 each, is that right? We can travel to Somerville, or Hull, or wherever they are available. We live in Ipswich MA.

    • Hi Jill, forgive me, I just happen to see this message in an obscure email folder. I would be happy to make you two chopstick bowls in green. I ask for a 2 week lead time as I no longer have any chopstick bowls in stock after the last show. If you are willing to pick them up in Hull, they are $38 each. Email me at and I’d be happy to send you a paypal invoice.

      Many thanks!

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