Little Split Rim Bowls

Little Split Rim Bowls 
Approximately 2 x 3 inches (very loose approximation)

Available in: French Blue/Cobalt, French Blue/Turquoise, Forest Green/Turquoise, Amber Brown/Turquoise, White on White and White/Turquoise.

These little bowls have a ton of personality.  Every one is unique in that this is the only piece I make that I don’t pre-measure the weight of the clay and I don’t measure the finished size.  In that, these are naughty little bowls being of all different shapes and sizes while all of my other work is made to precise measurements.  Their fun to look at in a collection and are perfect for a small scoop of ice cream, soy sauce for sushi, a snack of berries or grapes, new or used teabags, or simply to hold little treasured objects such as jewelry.  They look so sweet at the dinner table.  The buttons on the bowl are cast from my late grandmother’s buttons and are red to not only accent the piece but because my paternal grandmother had a hot and spicy personality.   The design is done free hand and a glossy glaze lay over a matte velvety texture.  All Liz Rodriguez Ceramic ware is microwave and dishwasher safe.


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